How To Vote in the 2015 PEC Director Elections

PEC Members:

It’s that time of year again – the 2015 PEC Board of Director elections are upon us. I am going to write a more in-depth piece on the importance of voting in these elections within the next week, but for now, I want to get information out to the members on how to vote and who the candidates are this year.

This year we have three Director seats up for election. REMEMBER, PEC MEMBERS CAN VOTE IN ALL DIRECTOR ELECTIONS REGARDLESS OF DISTRICT!!!  Below are the Districts and their respective candidates (listed alphabetically), along with links to information about each of the candidates:

District 1

Mark Axford

Mark Axford on Facebook

Cristi Clement

Cristi Clement on Facebook

District 6

Paul Graf

Paul Graf Resume

Max Hosford

Max Hosford Resume

Larry Landaker

Larry Landaker on Facebook 

District 7

Amy Lea SJ Akers

Amy Akers Resume

 Jeff Barton

Jeff Barton on Facebook

 Doug Kadjar

Doug Kadjar on Facebook

Now that you have some information about the candidates, here is what you need to know about how and when you can vote:

VOTING for the PEC ELECTION BEGINS THURSDAY, MAY 21st and ends FRIDAY, JUNE 12th. You will also have the opportunity to vote IN PERSON at the 2015 Annual Meeting on SATURDAY, JUNE 2Oth.

Here are the details:

  1. VOTE ONLINE. If you receive emails from the PEC, you will be emailed a link and directions on how to vote beginning THURSDAY, MAY 21st. This email will include your Election ID and password, which you will need in order to vote.  Click here to VOTE ONLINE starting May 21st.

**IMPORTANT** If you do not have an email address associated with your PEC Member account, or if you have opted-out of receiving email communications from PEC, you may still request access to your ballot through email. To do so, contact PEC at 1.888.554.4732 and inform our staff that you would like to update your email FOR ELECTION PURPOSES, and we will help you verify and add your email account. The last day to vote online will be FRIDAY, June 12th, and you may request the email update as late as 5pm on that day.

  1. VOTE BY MAIL.  Look for your PEC Ballot in your mailbox beginning May 21st. Be sure and vote, and return your ballot immediately in the postage paid envelope included with your ballot materials. All ballots will be mailed to members by Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) The last day to mail in your ballot is Friday, June 12th. (**IMPORTANT**  You can also vote online with information from your paper ballot.  Go to the PEC online voting site and enter your Election ID and password found on your printed mail-in ballot.)

Come join us at the PEC Annual Meeting in Cedar Park on Saturday, June 12th. You will be able to vote in person from 8:00am until 10:00am before the Annual Meeting begins at 10:30am. (Where: Leander ISD South Performing Arts Center, Cedar Park High School; 2150 Cypress Creed Road, Cedar Park, TX 78613)

The Board of Directors Election results will be announced live at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 20th – please come and participate in the governance of your Electric Coop!

Stay tuned for my thoughts on why it is important that you vote in this year’s PEC Director elections!

Thanks for checking in and staying involved.

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